Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tyler Colvin Seen Wearing Tiki Idol

Tyler Colvin was seen wearing a Tiki Idol as a shard from an errant baseball bat impaled him in the chest. Perhaps it is the same idol Greg was wearing when he got into that serious surfing accident.

Tyler is doing ok in a Florida hospital, but he is done for the season.

Some people are pointing to this incident as proof that the Cubs are cursed but as our old pal Hank put it: "It kinda proves the opposite... If we were cursed he'd be dead".

Let's just hope Jeff Samardzija returns that Tiki Idol to its ancient burial ground before anyone else gets hurt.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lolly Gaggers

I share the sentiments of the thousands who are not showing up. I've been through my share of bad seasons but this one takes the cake! Good riddance D. Lee, Theriot, Fontenot and whoever else we can unload. I can't even watch this s--- on tv. What a bunch of lolly gaggers. I guess there have been plenty of seasons this bad but not with the payroll. I could always blame the organization in the past but now we just have a bunch of overpayed lollygaggers. Maybe if we spent more time building a farm system than we spend building toyota signs we could have a winning season.