Thursday, October 28, 2010

From The Vault: Bodysuited Dude Asked to Leave


Check out this dude. He shows up to a Cubs game in a full bodysuit. I'm talking head to toe red spandex... can't even see his eyeballs.

First off, one has to question the timing of this stunt. It is an midweek, low attended game. That kind of a effort deserves a Friday afternoon against the Cardinals... in the bleachers.

And besides looking odd, the dude didn't do anything at all to cause a commotion. He was even kind enough to remove his helmet for the national anthem (see below:)


But apparently there is some policy against these types of shenanigans because an inning later... security showed up and escorted the dude out like he was Steve Bartman


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cubs Skipper Search - Ignorance vs Incompetence

(image from

I wouldn't say I'm a big fan of the Cubs new owner or their old General Manager. I'd say that the problem with Tom Ricketts is: He doesn't know what he is doing, and worse yet, he think Jim Hendry does.

And I believe this search for a new skipper is a good example of this battle between ignorance and incompetence.

I read a pretty interesting article this morning over at that talked about this very thing. The gentleman there argued that the skipper search has come down to Ricketts' choice: Ryne Sandberg vs Hendry' pick: Mike Quade. Mr. Ricketts did promise to that it was ultimately the decision of the General Manager, but that sounds to me like some sorta business-world jargon to cover his rear in case the decision goes south.

I guess my money would be on Quade at this point. Ricketts has to know that this is Hendry's last big decision as GM. If this new manager doesn't lead the Cubs to the promised land, somebody's going to have to take the fall. And you can't make Hendry the scapegoat if you take the decision out of his hands.

Well, actually Ricketts can and will make Hendry the scapegoat no matter what, but I'd still put a nickel on Quade.