Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A First Look at the New Bleacher Videoboard

For those of you hiding under a rock, the Cubs have been doing some off-season work in the bleachers.

What they're doing is raising a section in the Right Field to make some sort of "party patio". By doing this they confidently create a spot just perfect for an "LED video board"

The patio work remains under wraps, but thanks to the good work by one @GoMirrus we now have an actual view of this new fancy new video board.
Have a look see:

images via @GoMirrus (we owe you a beer)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Purdy Photo

I've convinced the boys here at Wrigley Blog to try and add a little class to this whole "documenting" idea. Instead of throwing together a few reactionary shots of some random event this is an attempt to bring something of thought and of beauty to this site. I've always been inspired by the majesty of Carleton Watkins, haunted by the shear truth of Timothy O'Sullivan, and ever delighted by the subtle charm of William Henry Jackson. These photographers are my heroes. Like them I work in sunlight and in film; in the cloud covered days and the dark quiet nights. Wrigley Field is my chosen canvas, and I sure do hope you enjoy these photographs; both today and beyond.

Sloop Purdy