Wednesday, September 25, 2013

BREAKING: The Chicago Cubs Are Bad At Baseball

The Chicago Cubs are terrible, historically terrible at the game of baseball.

Now this here team has been around for awhile. We've called Wrigley Field our home for 97 seasons, and for those there 97 seasons we've had some good teams and... well, hell mostly bad teams. But never, and I mean never have we been this bad. 

Even in our darkest days, we never suffered more than 49 losses at Wrigley Field - not ever. 

Well sir, after losing 2 outta 3 to the playoff-bound Pittsburg frickin' Pirates we have now established a new low. Our final home record for 2013 is as follows:

31 wins and 50 losses. Terrible.

I reckon there's not much more one can say, except for that old adage:
There's always next year.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Budweiser IN - Old Style likely OUT Next Season At Wrigley Field

Your Chicago Cubs announced that they signed a deal with Anheuser-Busch InBev to make that company the "exclusive marketing partner" for all beer sold at Wrigley Field. Now, that there deal will mean a couple of big changes starting next season. 

1. More than likely: No more Old Style 
These InBev folks own a quarter of all beers in the world, and I reckon you'll see many of them at Wrigley next season. They own Corona, "Stella Artois", Becks - heck they even own Goose Island - as well as every lousy beer brewed down there in stinkin St. Louis. Unfortunately they do not own Old Style, the official beer of Wrigley Field for the past 62 seasons. And I'm betting they call it this agreement "exclusive" for a reason.

2. It also means a big ol' Budweiser sign in Right Field.
We knew this one was coming. Earlier this season the Cubs put out their pretty renderings showing a giant jumbotron in left and a big sign in right. Now, you didn't have to be some kind of whiz kid to predict that they weren't going to put up a "Wrigley Field" sign. Below is a what you'll see next Spring.