Saturday, April 2, 2011

Robert Redford, huh?

The Chicago Cubs rolled out Hollywood star Robert Redford yesterday to throw out the opening day first pitch.

For some reason I keep reading that the reason they decided on Mr. Redford is because he played a baseball player in a movie once and that in that movie he hit a home run at Wrigley Field. Well let me set the facts straight here kiddies: Movies are not real. Robert Redford didn't play for the Cubs, and in the movie Wrigley Field was actually a different stadium in Buffalo, New York.
The REAL reason they picked Robert Redford is because he's in town to promote his new movie. That movie just so happens to be produced by The American Film Company. And that company just so happens to be owned by Joe Ricketts. And Joe Ricketts just so happens to be Cubs Owner, Tom Ricketts' dad (and the reason Tom and his family had the money to purchase Cubs in the first place)

Now that we got that straight - here are some photos of Mr. Redford. In case you were wondering, he did get the throw to the plate (after doing a fake pitch for some reason). In fact, he darn near threw it over Kerry Wood's head. 

Oh, and the Cubs lost 6 -3

Fake First Pitch
First Pitch

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