Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alan Trammell & RBI

I wonder if Bench Coach Trammell ever brags about the fact that he was A speed and A contact, only Paul Molitor could say the same.

Does he also think Marlon Byrd is built like an RBI player?

I'm guessing Coach Trammell talks about this often with the current Cubbies.

And I'm certain, now that he has been told that he won't ever be the Cubs manager, he can forget about the stress of that job and the fact that he has a horrible record as a manager. Now he can focus on discussing and showcasing his A speed and A contact.

From what I hear, he is able to use his A contact to fungo a popfly straight-up to the catcher, then use his A speed to run to first base and back, pick up his fungo and hit the catcher in the back of the heel, thus distracting the catcher from making the catch.

alan trammell rbi

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