Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Goat Defecates on Dusty Baker

The kid found us an interview of our former skipper Dusty Baker.
In it, Dusty dropped the following dirty bomb:

"At the very end, somebody took a dump right where I stood in the dugout every day," Baker said Monday morning. "That was the low point. The grounds crew guy cleaned it up. He said, ‘Oh, I think it's dog crap.' I said, ‘No it ain't. That's human crap.'"

No sir, that there was goat crap.
That cursed goat crapped on you during the crappy playoffs in 2003. It crapped on you with a crappy closer in 2004, and it crapped on you in 2005 with a crap-load of injuries.

Then, on your way out the door, it literally took a crap in front of you on the dugout floor.

That curse is a mother crapper

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