Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wrigley Loses Her Roof

Wrigley Field Roof

Now, this here is a storm to remember.

It is dumping buckets out there and blowing like a son of a gun.
Blowing hard enough that a roof panel on Wrigley Field came loose and ended up on the sidewalk. The police have shut down Clark and Addison near the old ballpark while they clean up the mess - and hope more don't come flying off.

We sent the kid down there to take these pictures. In the top one you can see the biggest pile of debris right under the old marquee. And below here you can see that pieces of that roof are strewn about all over Clark Street. Pieces ranging from the size of home base to the size of a baseball.

Wrigley Field Roof 2

We even got us a souvenir out of the deal:

Wrigley Field Roof 3

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